We know how important everyday oral hygiene is, but we still make the same mistakes. Even as children we hear “don’t chew the lollipop”, “don’t drink juice before bed”, “don’t scrub your teeth so hard”, but why? In this article you will learn about the harmful effects of individual actions on teeth. I present 7 sins of oral hygiene:

I. Using toothbrushes with hard bristles

We often hear that toothbrushes with hard bristles will remove deposits better, but can damage the enamel and gums. Too hard bristles in combination with strong pressure scratches the enamel, which can lead to irreversible changes. Persons with bleeding gums or exposed tooth necks should especially take care of the soft bristles of the toothbrush. It is not without reason that soft toothbrushes are recommended by dentists.

II. INCORRECT TOOTHBRUSH TECHNIQUE. Improper brushing technique – brushing teeth with sliding movements.

Why do we advise against brushing teeth with sliding movements?

– Excessive pressure together with a sliding movement of the toothbrush may lead to damage to the enamel,
– In this way, we avoid inter dental spaces where bacterial plaque collects to a large extent,
– In this way it is easy to damage the gums, as a result of which bleeding and cervical exposure (which can lead to periodontosis) often occurs.

III. USE OF TOOTHPASTE EVERY DAY. Using high abrasion coefficient toothpaste on a daily basis

When choosing a toothpaste, we should be guided primarily by its composition. Polishes with high abrasion coefficient (RDA, REA) should be avoided. Such pastes not only polish, but also abrade the enamel. As a result, they weaken them. In order to deprive the enamel of sediment, it is better to reach for enzymatic whitening pastes, e.g. with bromelin or papain. It is worth finding a toothpaste containing valuable ingredients that remineralize (strengthen) the enamel of teeth.

IV. WASHING TEETH JUST AFTERWARDS. Washing teeth just after eating citrus or after drinking fruit juice

Citruses and fruit juices contain organic acids which soften the enamel. As a result of the action of oral acids, the pH of the oral cavity is lowered, and at low pH the enamel is demineralized. The teeth should be washed 20 minutes after eating citrus fruit. This time will allow to neutralize acids in the oral cavity. To speed up the acid neutralization process, you can rinse your mouth with water.

V. Drinking sweet drinks after evening tooth brushing

DO NOT DRINK SWEET DRINKS AFTER BRUSHING YOUR TEETH IN THE EVENING! Fruit juices contain simple sugars, which are an excellent nutrient for bacteria. Bacteria that develop on the surface of teeth and gums lead to the development of caries. If you drink juice in the evening, wash your teeth!

When chewing lollipops, landings and other hard sweets, the enamel can be damaged or even crushed. In addition, candies stick to the teeth. Sugar that remains on them for a long time contributes to the formation of tooth decay.


Smoking adversely affects the condition of the gums. It can lead to gingivitis as well as an increased risk of periodontal disease. Smoking makes your mouth smell unpleasant. This can lead to bad breath.

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