Citizenship Naturalization Test

All candidates for Naturalisation must understand English and be able to speak, write and read words in normal use. In addition, they should also have the knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of government history. English and civic requirements of naturalisation are part of the naturalisation process. And thus needs to takeĀ b1 test booking English to prepare for the exam.

If you need an exception to the English and U.S. English and U.S. citizenship test requirements after you have applied for a U.S. citizenship test on the basis of physical or age-related disability or mental handicap that has lasted more than a year, you must submit an N-648 form, for each USCIS. A licensed physician or licensed clinical psychologist must complete this form and must be submitted with the N-400 Naturalisation Application Form. USCIS will make a decision if you are entitled to a license to meet the requirements.

According to the Rehabilitation Act 1973 there are many changes listed, and if you meet them, you do not have to submit this form. These include sign-language interpreters, extension of time for testing and off-site testing. It is important to remember that illiteracy will not be considered a reason to request an exception from citizens and an English test using the N-648 form. You must indicate the correction you are asking for in Section 3 of the N-400 Form when applying for a U.S. citizenship exam.

N-648 Form

Only medical doctors, osteopathy doctors or clinical psychologists licensed to practice in the United States, including territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, CNMI territories and Virgin Islands, are authorized to certify the N-648 form. The accuracy and authenticity of the data provided on the form is the sole responsibility of the physician. A licensed physician must certify all parts of the N-648 Form, except for the applicant’s certificate and the translator’s certification after the applicant’s personal examination.

Make sure that your form is not incomplete and take the time to answer all full and accurate questions because USCIS will reject incomplete forms. The abbreviation should not be used to complete the form and should be easily understood by an ordinary person without medical education. Physical and developmental disability or mental retardation should be explained in detail by the doctor completing the form, and a diagnostic report or medical documentation should be included as supporting documents. If you are eligible for exemption from the English language requirement, you must be prepared for the arrival of an interpreter.

As required, both the medical professional and the applicant must certify that you have completed an N-648 Form. There is no application fee and it must be submitted on an N-400 form when applying for U.S. citizenship. If you make a false statement with respect to information contained in your application, sworn statement, or other documents required by immigration or immigration law, or knowingly present such a document, you will be fined or imprisoned for up to 10 years or both. There is a fine for providing false information by the applicant or a health care professional.

You must indicate the correction you are applying for in section 3 of the N-400 form when applying for a U.S. citizenship test.

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