How to deal with the desire to escape?

Often in depression there is an overwhelming desire to escape from everything. Life becomes overwhelming and claustrophobic. Therefore, leaving it behind and restarting everything seems to be so tempting.

But running away from everything is usually not a good option. Not the answer to anything. It is worth fighting with this desire. How can’t a dream come true?

An impossible dream.

How much we wouldn’t want to escape and leave “it’s all” behind us, but it’s usually rather impossible. People and places can affect the sick person and his or her depression, but usually they are not the only problem. Even if we pack everything about it we move to another continent, depression will follow in our footsteps like an uninvited guest.

What are you running away from?

There is usually something we want to escape from. If we work out what it is, we will be able to do something about it.

For example, if your work makes you feel atrocious, is it time to start observing the labor market and vacancies? If we still argue with our partner, maybe it’s time to find therapy for couples? And if we feel bored and imprisoned, can we manage to make every single day have something exciting and fun?

A lot of dissatisfaction in our lives can be corrected, and if not fully, then at least somehow improved. And when we get to know the problem and plan to solve it, the voice calling us to flee will silence a little.

Too many people?

Sometimes, when we spend too much time with people, we may feel overwhelmed. Our heads are full, we don’t know how to think clearly, we just want to escape and stay alone.

Time for yourself to recharge the batteries is very important. We should do it in any way that works best for us. We can go for a walk in a quiet place or close ourselves in the room and create something, read or watch TV. Whatever works.

Sometimes we need this time to take a step backwards, take a deep breath and have time just for ourselves.


When life seems to be overwhelming and there is simply “too much of everything”, doing general cleanups can help. It is very easy for things to build up and fill our living space. They can fill our minds in the same way. It can reach the point where we feel the need to flee.

Large, specific cleanliness can be like a breath of fresh air. “Debris removal” can significantly improve your mood. You can also wipe off the chicken, embrace the surroundings or get rid of the top of papers from your desk, which scared after each entrance to the room. Sitting in a cleaner space helps to cleanse our minds.


We can’t run away from our lives forever, but we can run away for one day.

A one-day excursion away from everyday life can sometimes be exactly what we need. We can go to the beach, find a nice forest or even a botanical garden or park. We all have in our lives what kind of place we can visit to turn off our brains for a moment.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a lonely trip. Sometimes it’s something we need. Silence and detachment.


Sometimes, when we want to escape, what we need is a journey home. Whatever “home” means to us.

It could be the place where we grew up or the place where we felt happiest. We may want to spend time with family and other loved ones. We may want to sit on a bench in a church we know or go to a park where we always played with friends.

Because sometimes a journey to a place we call home is exactly what we need.


Sometimes you need to run away, it’s just a need to break away from reality. But there are a lot of options to escape, without having to physically move.

Books can take us to another world. If the disease makes it impossible to read, there are still audio books. Some people like to play on a computer or get lost in a movie, while others find themselves in some creative activities. We all have things that help us escape from our heads even for a moment: sometimes we just have to try a few of them to find something suitable for us.

Reach out.

And finally, when the need to escape is unbearable, it is always good to reach for help. Talking to a loved one, a doctor’s visit, medicines, a psychologist, even a conversation with a stranger on the Internet can help us to put our thoughts and emotions together. Sharing the burden, being really listened to makes us want to run away less desperately. And nowhere do we have to go alone.

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