Personal hygiene on the expedition

Maybe some of you are wondering how it is like to travel for a few, a dozen or several dozen days and not to use the shower. Is it possible? What about dirty clothes? How to take care of personal hygiene so as not to get caught up in: lice, scabies, mycosis, infectious hepatitis, salmonellosis or tapeworms? This article will answer these questions to some extent. We will talk about what we do to avoid health problems, so that our loved, longing partners can hug us without fear.

We always go on an expedition from Tomala’s house. There, a few days earlier, we store provisions and all the necessary things. A large part of the boot is occupied by the originally closed bottle of water and two 25-litre tanks with water from the municipal water supply system. Stocks are not always enough for the whole trip, so we are forced to make up the shortfall. When it comes to bottled water, we buy the well-known brands. Bubbles, on the other hand, are filled as much as possible at trusted points, e.g. at petrol stations.

Water in large quantities is used by our chef. A 9-person group of guys can eat unexpected portions. In addition to cooking it is used to wash vegetables or pots.

Washing – we have a way to do it.

On the roof of one of the cars we assemble the so-called expedition washing machine. It is a blue 40 litre barrel with a screw-down lid. Put there our dirty clothes, pour water and add powder. During the whole day, the clothes in the barrel are subjected to numerous movements during the ride. At the end of the day we take out clothes, rinse them, hang them. In the morning everything is dry and ready to be put on. We avoid the ironing process with a wide arch – we do not need it on the expedition.

On one of our last expeditions we found out how it is to catch a bacterium.
Despite our efforts and taking care of cleanliness and hygiene, unfortunately we made a mistake. The whole group fell ill. Artificial lake, because mainly such occur in Romania, on which we set up the camp, we will remember for a long time. We already had clean water in reserve, so we decided to wash the pots after dinner in the water from the lake. It lost us.

Although the water at the shore was crystal clear, it had bacteria. Already before bedtime the first symptoms appeared in one of us. The end of this poisoning was the most cruel revenge Pharaoh could imagine. We were falling one by one like flies. The question of time was that soon there will be no one to drive cars. At the end there were three left, who despite the poisoning were able to cope. The rest would roll up in pain, lying where you can in the car, in non-repeatable positions. We drove home from the petrol station to the petrol station even though we didn’t have to refuel. We probably visited the toilet at each station, and some of us came back after driving 50m. Pharaoh’s revenge lasted about 10 days. Some of us, after returning from the expedition, went to the doctor who prescribed medicines for this type of stomach revolutions. We even set up our internal forum, where we described what helps someone and then feels better. Luckily, it has forgiven everyone. Now we only laugh at what happened to us on the way back, and especially at the funny situations at the petrol stations in the queue to the toilet… but unfortunately this is not suitable to describe on the blog.

Coming back to everyday hygiene, it is probably best described by the daily ritual of our chef.

Of course others do the same, but faster…. Our Grześ always gets up first around 6 a.m. and prepares breakfast. But before that he starts his ritual. On the one hand, it’s funny for us, and on the other hand it’s full of admiration. Well, our colleague starts everything from unfolding things needed for daily cleaning. If it’s a decent terrain and conditions, he finds a piece of table, a trunk or a stone.

He lectures clean, ironed and folded clothes from his bag. And a full set of chemistry: toothpaste, soap, perfume, shaving equipment, bowl, etc. It takes a good hour, so nobody is surprised that it looks like advertising. The rest of the team cuts him and there is a lot of laughter during the ritual. At the end we can all see how the “fragrant” Grześ starts his next routine work, i.e. preparing breakfast.

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